Clara Polito

Clara's Cakes is the brain child of Clara Polito. After becoming vegan in 2009 at age 12, Clara realized how hard it was to find fabulous tasting vegan baked goods. After many months of research and kitchen experiments she took it upon herself to create her own delicious vegan delights. The end result was not only rad tasting yummies, but finding her calling as a baker of goodness.

Clara's Cakes uses no animal ingredients of any kind - no dairy products, no eggs, no honey - and uses only the best vegan ingredients available.

Menu Items

Basic Cupcakes - $3.00 each | $36.00 per dozen 

Basic Vanilla

Vanilla, Velvet Jonsi or Chocolate with your choice of frosting. Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting (Better Than Cream Cheese) extra 50 cents per cupcake.

Bubblegum - This cupcake will make your taste buds feel like a kid again with a vanilla-bubblegum cupcake base with fun bubblegum frosting.

Chocolate Hazelnut - A hazelnutty delight!

Lemon Pow Lemon Pows - These are the odd ones out being a mini bundt cake. Eating this you can’t help but feel the lemony pow. Moist, buttery lemon cake base with vanilla glaze topped with a lemon skin slice.

Not So Thin Mint Not So Thin Mints - Exactly what you think. A spin on Girl Scouts’ Thin Mints made with a fluffy, moist chocolate cupcake base with minty frosting and a dollop of chocolate ganache.

Rootbeer Float - Similarly like the Bubblegum cupcake, makes your taste buds feel immature. With a rootbeer cupcake base and creamy frosting.

Custom orders are welcome. Inquire about our gluten, nut, and soy free options. Any of the cupcakes can be made into cakes.

Deluxe Cupcakes - $3.50 each | $42.00 per dozen 

Boston Dream PieBoston Dream Pie - A light, buttery vanilla cupcake base with heavenly crème filling and chocolate ganache on top.

Cherry Bomb Cherry Bomb - Yes, like the song. This cupcake is like a badass valley girl. Delicious chocolate cupcake base, sweet cherry filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.

Orange Dreamsicle Orange Dreamsicle - This cupcake is love at first sight on a summer day. With a mouthwatering orange cupcake base, vanilla crème filling, and orange buttercream frosting that’ll make you smile.

Pimpin' Neapolitans Pimpin’ Neapolitans - This cupcake is perfect for an indecisive person or someone who just wants it all. Vanilla cupcake base with decadent chocolate filling and lovely strawberry frosting.

Tiramisu Tiramisu - If this cupcake could be a person it’d be a chic, sophisticated, Italian woman. Magnifico vanilla base with espresso filling and cream cheese. Delicato cream cheese frosting topped with cocoa powder and a single semi-sweet chocolate chip.

Allergy Free Cupcakes (Gluten, soy-free) - $3.00 each | $36.00 per dozen 

Vanilla or chocolate cupcake with your choice of frosting OR Make your own cupcake.

Cookies - $1.00 each | $12.00 per dozen

Chocolate Chip Cookies - The name says it all. So simple, yet heavenly.

Peanut Butter Blitz - There, I said it. There are this little blitz of peanut butter and melted chocolate in the middle. Yeah.

Thumbprint Cookies - You just can’t go wrong with these. Berry jam middle, or chocolate ganache.

Bars - $2.50 each

Brownies Brownies - Is there need for explaining? Decadent, delicious, chocolate dessert.

Coffee Cake - So light and fluffy you’ll cry.

Rice Crispy Treat Rice Crispy Treat - Just like the original rice crispy treat, only better and cruelty free!

Peaceful Fruit pies (apple, berry etc.) - $35.00 each

Apple Pie Apple Pie - Perfect amount of saltiness in the crust that balances out with the cinnamon and sugar. Apples fresh and juicy.

Berry Pie (seasonal) - Crispy crust with the juiciest, sweetest, berries that bakes into a heavenly sauce.

Berry Cheesecake Berry Cheesecake - Mouth watering cheescake with a fresh berry sauce on top.

Price Info

Basic Cupcakes - $3.00 each | $36.00 per dozen 

Deluxe Cupcakes - $3.50 each |$42.00 per dozen 

Allergy Free Cupcakes (Gluten, soy-free) - $3.00 each | $36.00 per dozen  

Cookies - $1.00 each | $12.00 per dozen 

Bars - $2.50 each

Peaceful Fruit pies (apple, berry etc.) - $35.00 each

How to Order

Place your order by emailing Clara at or calling (805) 334-0390.

Please include your name, contact information, desired product(s), amount and date. You will recieve a confirmation email when your request has been reviewed.

Contact Info

Phone: (805) 334-0390

Clara's Blog

Please check out Clara in Veganland for interviews with some amazing animal rights activists and some of Clara's perspectives on veganism, animal rights and current events.

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Elephant Journal

Animal Acres

Rave Reviews

"Clara's cakes are simply the best!"
-Melissa Schwartz, Los Angeles, CA

"Even non-vegans will prefer Clara's cupcakes to any other!"
-Collen Polito, Moorpark, CA

"Clara's treats are so delicious that I challenge anyone to say they don't taste like non-vegan treats. Not only are they insanely good, but they surpass any other dessert I ate when I was still eating dairy. If you haven't tried Clara's creations, you MUST do so immediately!"
-Shannon Keith, Los Angeles, CA

"Clara's cupcakes are light, moist and seriously addictive. Trust me, you'll have no idea that they're vegan."
-Avi Brown, Los Angeles, CA

"Clara's Cakes outshone me at my own birthday party! Amazing, addictive treats from a talented baking genius!"
-Alexandra Caswell, Los Angeles, CA

"Clara's cakes are insanely delish! I could eat them for every meal, every day, for the rest of my life... they are THAT yummy!"
-Sunny Subramanian, Los Angeles, CA

"Clara's cupcakes are moist, delicious, decadent and cruelty free. Clara's cupcakes rival those of top bakers all over the world, who have been baking longer than Clara has been alive."
-Gary Smith, Los Angeles, CA

"Clara's cupcakes amazingly combine the comfort of home-baked goods and the sophistication of gourmet treats with flavors such as the Neapolitan and Tiramisu. The quality of the cakes would seem to reflect years of culinary school, when in fact Clara is simply a natural talent. She is my go-to source when I have an event to celebrate, gift to give, or sweet craving to kick!"
-Jaya Bhumitra, Los Angeles, CA

"Whether you desire traditional or whimsical flavors, Clara's Cakes will satisfy your sweet tooth! These treats are fresh, flavorful, and, most importantly, laced with love and compassion."
-Vegyogini of Hugger Food, Los Angeles, CA

"Clara’s desserts are delightful, inspired, creative, cruelty free morsels that are nothing short of amazing. I once drove two hours for a potluck to try her latest creation."
-Carol Glasser, Los Angeles, CA