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cakes + cupcakes

$85-$100 per cake (9' two layer) 

$45-$48 per dozen cupcakes

pick cake base, frosting, and filling (extra)


Vanilla Cake, Strawberry Cake, Chocolate Cake, Coconut Cake, Lemon Cake, Banana Cake, Peanut Butter Cake, Salted Caramel Cake, Seasonal Citrus Cake 


Vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding, maple pudding, strawberry sauce, raspberry sauce, maple pudding, oreos, cookie dough, coconut flakes


Chocolate Frosting, Vanilla Frosting, Lemon Frosting, Peanut Butter Frosting, Maple Frosting, Strawberry Frosting, Coconut Flakes, Cookies N Creme

Specialty Cakes:

Chocolate Cake

Vanilla Cake

Neapolitan Cake: Possibly our most popular flavor. Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Custard Filling, and the lightest Strawberry Frosting you ever did taste. 

Breakfast Cake: Banana cake, maple milk pudding filling, maple frosting, and caramelized cornflakes on top. Like the most decadent bowl of cornflakes you've ever had. 

Samoa Cake-toasted coconut cake with shaved chocolate, toasted coconut caramel frosting, chocolate ganache 

Sexy Cake: Lime cake, spicy, tangy, salty blueberry sauce filling, lime frosting and a blueberry sauce swirl. Covers all the bases.

Butterfinger: Chocolate cupcake topped with butterfinger cream frosting, chocolate, and homemade butterfinger candy.

If you see a photo of a cupcake we made that is not listed on here, we can most likely make it for your special order!

pies | $50 per pie

Cookies N Milk Pie-Chocolate chip cookie crust, "milk" pudding, and chocolate chip cookies on top. 

Banana Cream Pie- This pie has been tested and tested and continues to impress and satisfy. Competes with Marie Callender's BCP that I was raised on! 

Chocolate Cream Pie- Chocolate creamy goodness, flaky crust, count me in. 

Butterfinger Pie-Butterfinger Crust, peanut butter cream cheese filling, chocolate ganache, butterfinger crumble topping 

Ricotta Cheesecake-Made with house-made cashew and almond ricotta on a graham cracker crust. 

Frittata- Savory Italian classic with carrot pancetta, swiss chard, and tomatoes baked inside.

cannoli |$84 per dozen

We've had New York natives who were raised on the ricotta filled, egg-heavy, Italian pastry not only approve these babies, but ask for seconds. 


cookies | $36-$42 per dozen


Pistachio White Chocolate Cookies-Perfectly crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, pistachio with white chocolate chips. 

Blood Orange Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies-Buttery shortbread cookies with a citrus kick and homemade blood orange jam filling.  

Inception Cookie- An OREO STUFFED chocolate chip cookie. Some call it a knocked up cookie, some call it an inception cookie, regardless we can all agree that this cookie is absolutely delicious.

Peanut Butter Blitz Cookie- Delicious chocolate peanut butter combo in a cookie. Flaky, decadent chocolate cookie on the inside and a creamy, chocolate chip peanut butter filling inside.

Thumbprint Cookie- You just can’t go wrong with these. Berry jam middle, or chocolate ganache.  Perfect for any occasion!

Chocolate Chip Cookie- The classic chocolate chip cookie everyone craves.

Brown Butter Cookies-Brown butter is a technique where you cook butter until it just reaches a beautiful brown color and its flavor multiplies. So, we brown butter and make cookies with it and if I could only eat cookies made with brown butter for the rest of my life, I would. 

bars | $40-$45 per pan

Lava Brownies-VDAY special. "Milk" chocolate brownies with dark chocolate ooze. 

Brownies-These brownies are one of the biggest joys in life. They have classic brownie structure with the slightly gooey texture and the flaky top and chocolate chips mixed in. 

S'mores Bars- A deluxe spin on the classic campfire snack. Tastes like a chocolate cookie. Tastes like a s'more. All in one bar. So let's have some more?

Blondies- Classic gooey caramel like blondies that can be made plain or filled with chocolate chips and pecans. 

Banana Blondies-Think about a fudgy brownie, then take away the chocolate, and replace it with banana.

Gingerblondies- Take a gingerbread cookie, combine it with a blondie, topped it with a vanilla glaze, and you have a gingerblondie. 

Lemon Bars-Like a pocketful of sunshine in a delicious, edible form. 

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