A Clara Cakes recipe calendar written by Clara Polito and illustrated by Audrey Densmore. Featuring twelve seasonal, vegan recipes and full color illustrations.

A little background on the calendar:

Making a calendar has been an ongoing idea the past couple years, thanks to my friend Jenny who owns Please And Thank You Store. I thought it’d be fun to share a seasonal recipe with you for every month. Whether you’re in a cooking mood, or hosting a dinner party, or even in a lull, you can look to this calendar for some answers. I left off holidays and birthdays, because I want this calendar to be your own. Make your own holidays, scribble in a positive phrase during you coffee fueled morning, let this calendar help you have a HAPPY, and DELICIOUS year that also happens to be vegan.

I met Audrey when I was 16 through a teenage art show I was organizing and Audrey, about 19 at the time, had submitted a few paintings and drawings. One was a disposable camera snapshot style photo of a mother who had just given birth to an octopus. The painting was a remake of a classic photo new mothers have had taken: hospital gown, laying slightly upright in hospital bed, carefully holding their newborn, lovingly looking down on them. It wasn’t just the octopus with a baby pink headband that made you look twice, but the pitch black darkness in the background and the shading throughout. Each piece Audrey sent was in the style of a portrait, but with an almost whimsical eeriness to them. When I met Audrey in person shortly after, I was struck by how kind she was. At the time I was homeschooling myself through high school, and meeting another teenager who was self driven and expressing her creative ideas independently was reaffirming. Since then it’s been so fun to watch Audrey’s career unfold. In addition to her paintings + illustrations, she is a puppeteer at Bob Baker Marionette Theater in Los Angeles. What’s so interesting to me about watching Audrey’s work evolve, is seeing how while it changes as time goes by, it’s all feels like a part of this incredibly intriguing world you’d almost think was a sequence in a stop-motion film. I think any fan of Audrey’s work is an admirer of the world she creates and I’m so happy we get to see what her food world would look like through her calendar illustrations.

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